Some Snow

by beats143 • December 11, 2014 • No Comments

Well for snowing all day yesterday, the north shore didn’t get it too bad. Certainly not the totals south of Syracuse, I’d say maybe six to eight inches tops. Temperatures over the next ten days look a little more favorable than the last time I checked, with only three of[…]

Old Man Winter Finally Coming

by beats143 • December 8, 2014 • No Comments

Well a big storm is headed to the Oneida Lake region and while it will bring plenty of snow it won’t bring any super cold temperatures. The lake water temperature does continue its slow crawl down and we have several reports of chunks of ice or very fine freeze overs[…]

Don’t Wait!!!

by Doug Walters • December 4, 2014 • No Comments

Just a reminder to those anticipating the upcoming ice season, with deer season winding down, to focus on making sure your equipment is in proper working condition. Now is the perfect time to gather ALL your ice gear and begin the task of organizing all of it. Here is a[…]

Still at It

by beats143 • December 3, 2014 • No Comments

While most fishermen are waiting for the ice, we are still seeing the occasional boat out deep after perch. Have also spoken to a number of folks who are still hitting the eyes from shore with black and silver stick bait. Speaking of ice, I was looking at an extended[…]

Ice Team University East

by beats143 • November 30, 2014 • No Comments

Space for this is limited to 50 and it goes quickly… Click on the image for a larger/readable view.

Upcoming Ice Season

by Doug Walters • November 29, 2014 • No Comments

Ice season is soon approaching us on Oneida Lake. With this being said, we usually tend to dream of icing Walleye and Jumbo Perch, but we need to take “Ice Safety” as our number one priority. There are a few must have items that will be needed to get out[…]

Little Activity

by beats143 • November 29, 2014 • No Comments

Well folks with the cold and wind, there is little activity on Oneida Lake. We also have an unconfirmed report that the docks are finally out at Godfrey Point. The DECs site says, in fact, that all DEC docks are now out… While we are all waiting on ice, we[…]

Rough Riding

by beats143 • November 25, 2014 • No Comments

Its still pretty rough out there today with winds coming out of the south, certainly not as bad as yesterday, but the north shore would be a tough ride today. Saturday and Sunday are looking okay at this point with Sunday being the warmer day. The ten day forecast is[…]

Last warm day?

by beats143 • November 24, 2014 • No Comments

Its beautiful on Oneida Lake today with temperatures approaching record highs, but the wind out of the south is expected to pick up as we get on later in the day (Oswego county is under a wind advisory from 1-7pm today with gusts up to 50mph). Perch action in the[…]

Last Licks for Perch

by beats143 • November 21, 2014 • No Comments

Oneida Lake will see an extended warm up over the next few days. Looks like winds will calm down enough for boat traffic for the weekend, rain in the forecast is likely for Saturday. Warmer on Sunday with reasonable wind, and downright balmy on Monday, but some potential gusts of[…]

Forget It!

by beats143 • November 18, 2014 • No Comments

Oneida Lake is a rough ride today with 25 mph winds turning things up big time. This weekend looks like a possibility along with early next week for those hoping to ride out to a solid fall perch bite. Walleye fishing from shore is still strong as well.

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